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NTL is the fastest growing clinical lab and healthcare organization in the U.S. offering Toxicology and Clinical General lab testing.


NTL leads the local market in scientific innovation of toxicology and client partnership, especially in Toxicology.


Our executive leadership and Ph.D scientists offer decades of expertise from industry.


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Efficiency, Integrity and Scientific Development.

NLT medical laboratory and diagnostic laboratory provide a comprehensive range of health tests for our patient's convenience. Laboratory tests are an essential part of routine examinations because they can assist your doctor in detecting changes in your health. They are also essential in the diagnosis of various medical disorders, the evaluation of treatments, and the monitoring of diseases. We urge all of our patients, regardless of age, gender, or health status, to use our lab testing services to help them manage their health in the short and long term.

The NLT medical laboratory and diagnostic laboratory are essential components of our service and are accessible to all of our patients. Laboratory services, in conjunction with provider visits, offer our patients a continuum of primary health care. Many of our health clinics, as well as our main laboratory, provide lab services. Through our Central Processing Center in Chicago, Illinois, we provide cutting-edge medical laboratory testing and related services in 10 states across the Southern and Midwest regions of the United States.

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The NLT medical laboratory and diagnostic laboratory is a specialized laboratory where tests on clinical specimens are performed to collect information about a patient's health to aid in correct diagnosis, treatment, and disease prevention. Our services are fast and cost-effective. We offer our physicians and their patients the most significant degree of individualized service. We are one of the only few regional laboratories in the United States with the most significant growth rates as a result of our dedication to and undivided focus on patient diagnoses.

Do you need quick and accurate results? NLT is the medical and diagnostic laboratory you can trust. We bridge the gap between the endless bureaucracy and provide a direct connection between the doctor's office and the lab through our NTL Information Network. Contact us today!