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Molecular Laboratory Testing

At NTL Laboratory, we use molecular diagnostic testing to assist those in the medical field with their investigation of human and microbial genomes in order to identify specific gene mutations and other concerns. Replacing many tests in the areas of infectious diseases, oncology, and others, molecular lab tests have helped to revolutionize healthcare capabilities. Our molecular laboratory specializes in various types of molecular testing and can help you improve the accuracy of your diagnoses.

Our Molecular Diagnostic Testing Services

Common molecular testing enables us to assist with the early detection of gene mutation and provides doctors and other medical professionals with the data to formulate actionable treatment plans. Examples of common molecular lab tests include:

  • Cystic Fibrosis. Infants can be tested to determine whether cystic fibrosis is present and receive lifesaving and life-prolonging treatment as a result.
  • Breast Cancer. Hereditary cancers such as breast cancer can be investigated so that mutations are identified before the risk is increased.
  • Leukemia. In some cases, testing for gene mutations may provide insight into early-stage leukemia enabling patients to start treatment and therapy much earlier.
  • Drug Resistance. Patients who take drugs for prolonged periods may develop a resistance to them over time. Molecular laboratory testing can help to identify a specific drug's efficacy and determine whether alternative drugs should be utilized.

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Molecular Diagnostic Testing Services by NTL Laboratory

Why Choose NTL Laboratory for Molecular Testing?

Our molecular testing services offer valuable insight into gene mutations and can help medical professionals with early detection, enabling them to provide better care for their patients. We conduct each test with extreme precision and accuracy to ensure that you can make well-informed diagnoses every time. To learn more about our laboratory services and molecular lab tests in particular, please feel free to contact us by clicking this link.