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Immunohematology Testing

The NTL Immunohematology Reference Laboratory (IRL) conducts a wide range of immunohematology tests for antigen-antibody compatibility in red blood cells (RBC) for patient blood transfusion. These rigorous tests are processed through our state-of-the-art technology and are analyzed carefully to provide accurate results.

Our skillful team of medical lab professionals provide exceptional service and are committed to accurate diagnostics. Our dedicated Ph.D. scientists are experts in critical decision-making, data interpretation, and physician communication.

The immunohematology laboratory offers a large comprehensive selection of tests. The tests we offer include those for patients with rare blood needs. The IRL performs specific tests for patients concerning hemolytic diseases such as sickle cell anemia or for pregnant women with fetal Rh incompatibilities.

Immunohematology tests include:

  • Blood type — grouping the sample blood to a blood type A, B, AB, or O.
  • Crossmatching — mixing donor and recipient serum to determine presence of agglutination.
  • Rh D type — determining if the sample is Rh+ or Rh- in containing the D antigen.
  • ABO Discrepancies — Some compatibility testing can show weak results. With discrepancies, further detailed testing is necessary.
  • Genotyping — genetic testing is used when the traditional blood typing is not appropriate.

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Daily and monthly safety measures are enforced by our Quality Assurance program. The program contains multiple layers of system requirements in order to maintain the highest level of quality. We aim to go above and beyond the industry’s standards to ensure data integrity. Using these safeguards, we promote patient safety while supporting our first-class standards.

At NTL’s immunohematology reference laboratory, we understand how communication correlates with excellence. Our partnership with our clients consists of integrity, transparency, and professionalism. Reporting clear results in a timely manner is the bottom line, and patient health is our ultimate goal.