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Project Description

Nursing Homes

Nursing homes are faced with major challenges: Increasing the administrative burden on caregivers and physicians. Reducing the medical errors. Meeting the unannounced surveys, inspections and the extensive documentation requirements of JCAHO, CMS and other regulations. Manual chart audits and unnecessary phone calls to lab, wasting time on tracing missing orders and specimens, waiting on test results to complete patient charts. And needless to say, dealing with communication breakdowns between lab techs, and lab ordering and scheduling staff.

These errors and burdens are measured not just in dollars, but also puts the compliance and patient safety at risk. How can the Nursing Homes eliminate these costly errors and burdens, all the while dealing with the everyday demands ?

Why NTL Laboratory ?

At NTL Laboratory, we have a unique advantage, providing Nursing Homes with exceptional and higher standard of service, with swift and seamless transition.

With NTL Laboratory you can expect:

  • Tremendous time and cost savings to reduce the cost of care and unnecessary administrative burden on already time-pressed Physicians and Caregivers.
  • Precise results, error-free reporting, and extensive checks to eliminate dangerous medical errors, enhance patient safety and meet the compliance guidelines of regulators.
  • Elimination of caregivers and office staff frustration over labor intensive and error-prone processes such as lab ordering, scheduling, result access, and blood drawings.
  • Elimination of critical communication breakdowns that leads to missing specimens, lab orders and delaying of blood draws and test results.
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