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Project Description

Home Bound Patients

NTL Laboratory offers convenient and responsive home health services. Patients who are unable to come to the lab can call their physician or their health care agency and avail the services of our trained phlebotomists’ services. We make it a point to understand your specific needs and align our processes with yours, providing the flexible, individualized partnership you deserve.

NTL Laboratory provides services to:

  • Skilled Nursing Homes
  • Assisted Livings
  • Group Homes
  • Independent Livings
  • Private Homes
  • In-Office Phlebotomy

The Advantage

At NTL Laboratory, we have a unique advantage, providing Home Health Care Centers with exceptional and higher standard of service, with swift and seamless transition.

With NTL Laboratory You Can Expect:

  • Tremendous time and cost savings to reduce the cost of care and unnecessary administrative burden on already time-pressed Physicians and Caregivers
  • Precise results, error-free reporting, and extensive checks to eliminate dangerous medical errors, enhance patient safety and meet the compliance guidelines of regulators
  • Elimination of caregivers and office staff frustration over labor intensive and error-prone processes such as lab ordering, scheduling, result access, and blood drawings
  • Elimination of critical communication breakdowns that leads to missing specimens, lab orders and delaying of blood draws and test results

Getting Started

To get started, simply contact your local account rep to either setup the demo program or start the deployment of our premier solution through the Seamless New Account Program, we’ll have you up and running quickly or Contact Us now.

Sample Evaluation Program

The Lab Service and Sample Evaluation Program is a quick way for care centers and clinicians to “test drive” our innovative solution and to assess and compare our service standard with your current lab provider. We will work side-by-side with your staff throughout the process and give you the opportunity to test our leading edge processes and robust, yet easy to use state-of-the-art logistic system.

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