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Online Lab Order

  • Fast Results (Most in 1 to 2 Days)
  • Over 3000 Locations Nationwide
  • Order Any Lab Test (No Restrictions)
  • Visit Lab Same Day
  • Save 70% Or More
You can order and pay for blood test labs from your own home. A doctor’s order is not required, allowing people to save time and money and to take their health management into their own hands. Customer service representatives are available 24/7, and lab results are confidentially posted 7 days a week.
This service is accessible to people both with and without insurance. Blood tests without insurance deters many individuals from getting important blood tests. We offer tests at up to an 85% savings over standard lab prices. Ordering a blood test without insurance from a standard lab, on average, will cost about $1500.
Your lab work results are uploaded to your personal and secure online account portal. Test results are not shared with anyone but you. And, for your convenience, you can fax your results directly to your physician when logged into your Confidential Lab Record.


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