MAGIX Video Pro X8 32/64 Bit Free Download

MAGIX Video Pro X8 32/64 Bit Free Download

MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8

MAGIX Video Pro X8

Magix Video Pro X8 (x64)

Magix Video Pro X is ideal for editing simple and powerful software for video production. This multi award-winning editing Video Suite is aimed at the specific needs of professional users and ambitious, and powerful post production tool that providesa wide range.

Professional video

Access silk decide excellent performance and picture quality and sound effects film.


Choose from a number of instruments batZure Footagekuboresha, such as GPU-effects optymizovanivideo and measurement accuracy as editing MultiCam.


real-time audio mixer, control the keyboard and samples to within broadcast quality effects editor and tons offers everything you need to add audio.

Additional Services

such access, plug-in NewBlue is a package that includes attractive color filtersand transition effects, and all the extras like ProDAD Merkally V2 image stabilization is complete.


-Mtaalamu Format support (ProRes, AVC-seat, etc.)

– Scalable 4K videoplavne Editing Proxy

– Primary and secondary 3-way color correction

– The MulticamChanges to nine tracks at a time

– Support Comprehensive action cam

– Surround sound editing broadcast

– Hardware decoding for HD and UHD (,)

– NewBlue Appearance: Superior quality color filters unforgettable film

What’s new in MAGIX Video Pro X8:

shooting match

transferbisualaBideotabia others. The program meets the color and tone of the two completely different video directly.

360 hradusivkamery editing

Video Pro X last 360 camera video editing offers a variety of options.

4K / animation Article

Use 4K image materialand an information section with low resolution frames.

It seems, NewBlue Film Size:

– Change the color and light to watch classic movies.

– Color Suite Pro: adjust the color balance, saturation and brightness.

– GradientTint: Add filters use different colors in the image.

-Focus: typical of the area under surveillance.

– Light Pro: creating light and heat, to stand up and raise the image of the original.

Extended exposure reputation

View and shades of color and brightness values ​​of individual correction method RGB, which allows you to edit.

Patternsmovie title

More than 250 templates completely redesigned with a completely new name and structure of modern agertuitxura.


You can now use standard plug directly Mediapool OpenFX as video effect.


Video Pro X the world’s first video editing programIntelUstatkuvannya support for super-fast acceleration.

Native ProRes Support

Including native support for the latest versions of Apple ProRes video codec.

In the new version:

* Fixed a problem with importing MXF files

* Fixed rare crashes while sales HEVC

* Expansion of very smallobjects ahalbidetzenTimeline

* Terms zoom / Dialog ukubwaKama conventional slider can now be used again

* Position / Size dialog End value now moves to the playback marker

* Position / visual training method rozmirefekt imaging (GPU CPU)

* Fixed positiondistortion connection size and cutting effect /

* Fixed cycle distortion and the effect of cutting

* Head to the effect of cutting fixed line

* Crash fixed when before berrerabilizezgaitukoathari, to affect vision

* Fixed a bug that prevents empty “levelVideo “for setting keyframes

* Fixed crash when exiting the Multicam mode

* Audio recording is not finished when the ESC key yepresovani other programs

* Fixed an issue until the end of the program you can prevent the use of

* Fixed crash Camera / Zoom Safari Negotiations

*Fixed crash when changing the number of investigators and after surgery

* Black frames away in a file agent “kukatwavideo” option active

* Fixed crash when loading effects templates

Pictures (BMP) in fixed and resizes distortion and keyframes

* Fixed a closedtrack something that, when entered into force / design that focus on something

* Fixed crash when using very long file path

* Added an error when loading invalid lookup table

* Fixed crash when loading a table supportedsearch

* Fixed bugs and conservation projects optsiyu- table / boot

* Conclusions on improving the speed table oinarritutakobilatu

* Fixed a bug in the update preview monitor when changing table optsiyu-

* Fixed several crashes in calculated effects

*Increaseas land moving objects

* Fixed a bug that can be animated features (especially the title) to blink rapidly, leaving visible region

* Fixed a bug in the initial position of the object reappears for a short time (only displayed when movingscreen object) in

* AlamaMwangaza / Contrast effect distortion or starting point of the curve is governed allowed badabakarrik

* Iliyoboreka Vision / effects animation for speed

* Fixed a bug in the settings load / save at the expense OpenFX

* The value recorded when disablederror dialog and reaktyvyrovat OpenFX effect or effects units overview

* Devices Alpha dialogue chroma key is, you can turn off right now

* Button Checked restored brightness and chroma key state in interview

* Finkoagurutzelkartuta Merkallyimage stabilization in the material (DVD)

* Project displays the full path to the folder in the dialog box and start over

* Improved route animation (scaling behavior, performance, add new map) to prevent accidents

* Slight korystuvachinterfeys and localizationand maintenance



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